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Night and day, feminine and masculine, mysticism and science, black and white, sane and insane…humans, we like to think of things in terms of categories, of dichotomies.Upon closer examination, we often find that most of our facile categories run on more of a complex continuum rather than falling into an easy either/or characterization.Though Leslie always means well, her level of caring can be overwhelming at times.As Valentine’s Day approaches in the episode “Operation Ann,” Leslie vows, “Ann, you beautiful spinster, I will find you love.” Focused on her desire to make Ann happy, she continually tries to set Ann up with various men at a Valentine’s Day party.The same is true of an introverted versus extroverted personality.At one end of the continuum lies an extreme introvert; at the other end is an extreme extrovert.It was the beginning of the platonic love story of the series: Leslie goes from being “that parks lady,” as Ann refers to her in the first episode, to Ann’s “best friend in the world.”Leslie is inarguably one of the most enthusiastic and selfless characters on television, but this is most evident through her friendship with Ann.

What is it about Ann’s friendship with Leslie Knope that makes it such a valuable part of the show, and what can we expect after Ann’s departure?This has lead to many people becoming closet introverts, pretending to be extroverted to fit in at work, school, or in their families.Let’s talk about the characteristics of introverts versus extroverts to help you answer the question “are you an introvert or an extrovert”?Entertaining stories, dating analogies, and ninja techniques. They’re also your path to scalability, more engaged customers and higher profitability.Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

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