Ivy league dating service

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So yes, it's elitist and exclusive — which is also what makes it so compelling.

What sets The League apart from its counterparts is its reliance on Linked In to determine user credentials.

Aaron has 'first child syndrome,' their father Darren said, while Nick is more 'socially conscious.' Nigel likes to read up on how to do something before getting started and Zach is a natural engineer.

Deresiewicz, who is also the author of William Deresiewicz: The most interesting thing about that phrase is that I didn’t write it myself.

These are kids who will perform to the specifications you define, and they will do that without particularly thinking about why they’re doing it. Davis: Do you see a connection between this “hoop-jumping” mindset and other trends, like mental-health issues, on college campuses? People have written books about this—adolescent therapists like Madeline Levine, who wrote .

These students are made to understand that they have to be perfect, that they have to do everything perfectly, but they haven’t turned to themselves to ask why they’re doing it.

It came out of the mouth of a student of mine, and just seemed perfect.

They’re “excellent” because they have fulfilled all the requirements for getting into an elite college, but it’s very narrow excellence.

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