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Here we go; Jackie Lee, Delta Platoon, 67,, ST-1,,, Moses Marquez,, Kilo platoon ST-1 69 ? But he was high pressured by our Lt OIC and the Black shoe CDR of Sea Float,,,, They said if he couldn"t handle the job they would send him home...,,, UDT-12 Doc.."Don't spemd too much time on the shitter or a mortor will get you, Don't remember name. Sorry about that Doc,, I hit the wrong key and lost it all,,, VN's are Duck and Moanie,, ex-field grade capt VC,, worked with Kilo platoon,, was kia on brake in op.. Shortly after insurtition the two platoons encircled each other and took each other under fire..We have a store front @ 4008-A Champion Trace Ln, Louisville, KY 40218.Our mission is to bring customers the highest quality goods at a price that not only "beats the competition", but is consistently fair.UDT-12 Corpsman Doc Beaver UDTRA class 29 training dive.. The VN hugging Mone,, Duck, KIA'ed as point man on a brake in op,, when LTJG Dave (it will come to me),, KIA'ed on a brake in op,, I as LPO refused to take the brake in op as it sounded just like a Jean Tinnen op where my good friend CCurtis Williams almost went down as well..I'mv looking on my past e-mails for your posting address,, I'm sending you a CD,, Go off by yourself and listen to it,, Try not to cry; Doc; Not sure who the diver on the safety line is, although I took the photo while using a diesel boats services to conduct lock in and outs for FNG's,, I was SM!Recalling the chaplain's final hours, Centazzo wrote: 'I was in the group with Father Conway.

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My search for eye protection ended right here with the Crossbows, and particularly with this item from this seller. I was stoked to see that it really did come with both the clear and dark lenses.It was suggested that as platoon LPO I take the op,, I flat turned it down because of Gene Tinnen and Curtis Williams,,, our J. The rest is too painful vto talk abour,, But peapol ask, "How Are you ???I always reply,,"Glad to be alive"ses Marquez Kilo Plt Sea Float, 69.. Specializing in; equipment, helmets, field gear, grenades, WWII rations, flags, medals, uniforms, hats, badges and hardware from WWI through the Gulf War and present day.We also carry select supplies for military re-enactors for the PTO and ETO WWII era.

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