Ra dating resident

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When I first became an RA two years ago, I thought everyone was going to be a handful, and I slowly learned it's not like that.

For example, I thought if you went to a room and people were yelling, there was always going to be a party and there was automatically going to be alcohol and you were going to have to break it up.

RAs have diverse responsibilities; virtually all are tied to developing community and engaging with students to create an extraordinary experience for them at Ohio State.

In most schools, it is forbidden for RAs to date their residents.

But sometimes we fall for staff members such as resident assistants, and that's when the problems begin. A resident assistant, also known as resident adviser or simply RA, is a student who serves as a leader within a residential community.

RAs are sort of counselors for undergraduate students who live in their building, they are responsible for enforcing residence policies and creating a safe environment.

Unsurprisingly, there are a few busts along with the real sexy stuff:“There was a super hot RA in my building freshman year who everyone was in love with.

He was a serious bro, so of course he was a hot commodity.

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