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Shots running under the main titles are NOT included, but any title included in the main body of the film is counted as a shot.

't' means that it is a 'made for television' movie, 'v' means that it went straight to video, 'a' means that it is an animated film, 'd' means that it is a documentary.James Horner started playing piano at the age of five. He spent his early years in London, where he attended the Royal College of Music.He returned to America, where he attended Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona, and later received his bachelor's degree in music from the University of Southern California.After earning a master's degree, he started work on his doctorate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he studied with Paul Chihara, among others.After several scoring assignments with the American Film Institute in the 1970s, he finished teaching a course in music theory at UCLA, then turned to film scoring.

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