Updating a concrete bird bath

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Art is great for bringing this element into a setting, but we don’t always have the budget for making such a purchase. You can transform an ordinary garden ornament into a work of art in just one weekend.

I asked art instructor Angela Cummings to give me a simple project that would be good for aspiring mosaic artists and she suggested this birdbath.

I think the chemicals in the fountain would keep them away. I have seen many painted birdbaths over the years with no dead birds lying around.

Actually, we are inundated with birds....crapping on my deck beams, no matter what I do...droppings all over...bigger birds holding meetings in the feeder so the smaller birds can't get any seeds.

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Because staining will enhance the imperfections in the concrete -- not mask them -- it is important to make the surface as smooth as possible prior to beginning the staining process.

This involves filling large cracks with concrete glue and letting it sit until the glue is completely dry.

Determine if the concrete can be stained by checking the porosity of the material.

If the water beads up and rolls right off the concrete then the stain won't be able to penetrate the surface effectively.

Inspect the concrete surface for chips, cracks and other faults.

Measures approximately 17" x 25" x 3.5"This ground level molded birth bath comes complete with a copper dripper.

It can be placed anywhere in the yard and installs in less than 20 minutes. It's made of durable fiberglass and is approximately 17" x 25" x 3.5".

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