Updating site content type failed

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The processing instructions allow forms that are based on this form template to be automatically updated if you make changes to the form template after publishing it.Top of Page If you are updating a form that has already been published, or are publishing a Share Point list or workflow form for the first time, you can use quick publish to publish the form without having to indicate how and where it will be published.

If you have created the content type as a feature in CAML, your content type is ghosted (or un-customized as we are supposed to call it in v3) in the database.

Actually the inheritance copies the site content type definition to the list content type in its entirety and assigns an “inherited” content type id to the new list content type.

If you later modify the site content type, through the web or object model, you have the option of propagating those changes to inherited content types, which in particular includes all the list content types on the site.

When you click Quick Publish, Info Path 2010 automatically re-publishes or publishes the form to its previous or indicated location.

If you want to publish an Info Path form to Share Point so that users can fill it out in a Web browser or in Info Path filler then you can publish it to a Share Point library.

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