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Every so often, a convicted Australian paedophile – we'll call him "Malcolm" – transfers small amounts of cash via Western Union to his "friends" in Indonesia.

Her entrepreneurial drive dates back even further to her childhood, when she—as she likes to tell it—outdid a neighborhood boy’s lemonade stand with bigger cups, cheaper prices, a strawberry flavor, and a purple wig, ever the entertainer.

Why her interests centered on froyo specifically is less clear.

Other small children knock on car windows at traffic lights on Sunset Road or Benoa asking for money.

There’s an argument to be made for other sweets—whipped cream is conventional, chocolate is luxuriously drippy, bananas are phallic. Or at least that’s what she has to say regarding reviewers who mention her past in the comments of the Yelp page of Fro Co Fresh & Frozen, the froyo franchise she founded and opened in May of this year.“They think I’m still years ago, [like] I’m doing sex tapes or something,” she tells me. They’re probably having sex in their own lives, but frozen yogurt and sex are two different things.” 9f9fb4cc-0f60-4ddb-9838-b8dd86d2ccb6_l Farrah Abraham, left, at the opening of a Fro Co shop. Certainly, there’s what feels like a separation of church and state at the franchise’s flagship, located in an upscale strip mall in the suburban hills of Lakeway, Texas, just outside of Austin.

The shop’s sparkling tiled walls and purple, blue, and yellow color scheme are clearly designed to attract the interest of young kids, as is Coba the Popping Boba—the jolly, official Fro Co mascot whose plush, round frame sits in stacked pyramids behind the toppings bar.It comes as financially desperate Newcastle students are reportedly resorting to using a number of informal online sex outlets to make ends meet.Webcam Surveyor is a simple and functional application designed for video capture and surveillance.In one corner, there’s a standing white board easel where kids can—and have—doodled to their sugar-hopped heart’s content. Unlike almost every other product Farrah has put out—the pasta sauce line, the branded webcam site, the erotic fiction series—there’s no mention of her celebrity anywhere at Fro Co. The store continues to be tied to the MTV Teen Mom franchise with appearances on Teen Mom OG season six, the finale of which premiered this month.Near the entrance, there’s some boxes collecting canned food for a local drive. Just walking in, you’d have no idea that it was built, from the ground up, with the profits of a personal brand set into motion by a reality television show predicated on unprotected, teenage sex. Over the 15-episode series arc, Abraham hosts its grand opening, forces her dad to don the Coba mascot suit, and fires a Fro Co employee.

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